My name is Sean Taylor and I am the Ferment Nomad.  I travel the world as a winemaker, chocolate maker, and fermentation specialist, teaching workshops and bringing people together to explore the art and science of chocolate making and fermentation. Fermentation has brought me all over the world, from solo hitchhiking through Southern Africa, to bicycling through the Cordilleras Blancas mountains of Peru, to chocolate making in the jungles of Costa Rica.  The goal is to engage my community in healthy living, food sustainability, and conscious consumer decision making.  I call the Bay Area home.

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My workshops are hands-on, and once we finish class, questions always lead to further conversation.  Whether you book a chocolate workshop or fermentation course, my goal is to pass on as much knowledge and passion as possible, so you can head home with a new appreciation for home-made fermented creations. Bring your curiosity and your questions!



I graduated with a degree in Wine and Viticulture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2013.  Since then I have worked 7 harvests at wineries and distilleries in South Africa, Australia, Argentina and California.  Here I am taking a sugar reading on some Pinot Noir at A.P. Vin on 18th and Treat in the Mission District, San Francisco



Chocolate Making

After graduating from Cal Poly in 2013, I headed to Costa Rica for a Biodynamic and Organic Agriculture Internship.  One of my jobs was to prune the Cacao trees and Harvest the beans.  I started fermenting, drying, roasting, and making my own chocolate with a lot of guidance from Two Little Monkeys Chocolate in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. My entry into the chocolate world was facilitated by my wine production experience and chemistry background.

I've been returning to Costa Rica every year since then to make chocolate, and teach fermentation and chocolate making.